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Thoughts From The President

The Who:

CHIPS has been in the apparel decorating business for a long time. Long enough to be 100% confident every order we screen print, digitally print or embroider…will be done right. The picture is of me…circa 1979…when I thought I had the world by the tail…the year CHIPS was founded. As hard as I work and as much as I want to do my best in everything I do…I am most proud to be married for 38+ years to my wife Nona, father to two daughters Audra and Alisha, papa to four grands Aden, Alee, Ty and Jake.

I am also very proud of each of the team members at CHIPS. Each is expert at what they do. Every team member…to the core…takes their craft seriously. They truly strive to serve each person with high regard. Each works hard to treat everyone personally and with respect…all while serving clients located all over the US.

The What:

Our expertise is with screen printing, direct-to-garment printing, embroidery and e-commerce websites ( We also are very good with ad specialty items.

CHIPS was screen printing long before the industry grew to where it is today. Only one other screen printer was located in Southwestern Indiana when CHIPS began.

With digital printing CHIPS is one of the pioneers in the industry. CHIPS purchased the 20th Direct-to-garment (DTG) machine built worldwide. CHIPS helped the DTG industry perfect the machinery. Industry technicians would fly from other countries to work with us in simple Fort Branch, Indiana.  

With eCommerce CHIPS built in which website stores can be created free of charge. has been recognized online as one of the top t-shirt fulfillment web sites. Many stores are earning substantial passive income with Today has 1000s of active stores.

The Why:

The above is interesting…but how does the Who and What help you? Allow me to focus on the ‘Why’ which speaks directly to how it benefits you.

Having ridden the earth many times around the sun I have learned that everyone and every company is my partner. Partnership to me means much more than a simple association…Partnership is personal to me…and to CHIPS.

Think about it like this. No person gains anything without the help from others. It is the same with business. Example…if a person places an order for a dozen shirts what is it they are doing differently than a sales rep? Both the customer and sales rep bring CHIPS work. Both are aiding in helping every team member with their life and families. Much the same…every vendor/company/supplier CHIPS works with we consider as a department of CHIPS…and we are their sales rep.

Partnership term I take seriously. It is the core of Why were work. We all work together to help each other as we help ourselves. CHIPS has even had to let some team members go because they did not think of partnership seriously enough. We care that much!

To be fair…CHIPS will mess up at times…but you can be assured…we will always do our best to treat you personally and with respect. ‘Why’…because you are our partner.

Need help with custom apparel? Contact CHIPS/ We will work to make your partnership decision a wise one.

Chip Shrode
President CHIPS Inc./

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