eCommerce / Fulfillment

Sell your products on

You focus on creating & marketing…We take care of the orders, inventory, printing,
shipping and customer service.

eCommerce / Fulfillment

You Sell It…We Print, Pack & Ship It!

Looking for full-service Order Fulfillment for all your customer orders? Look no further. CHIPS specializes in one-off printing as well as fulfillment services for direct-to-consumer specialty products for your eCommerce platform on Stop wasting your valuable time. Let’s partner up so you can do what you are good at and let us do what we are good at. Let’s work smarter together rather than work harder separately. Together we can make your brand successful.

How It works

Easy Peasy. Let’s break down just how easy our eCommerce/Fulfillment process is.


Create Your Store
& Upload Your Designs

With our platform……you can upload your designs and sell them on multiple styles and colors of apparel. You can even purchase special items up front. We will add them to our fulfillment center and distribute them as they sell.


Get The Word Out To Your Group/Followers

Get on social media with your friends, followers and/or group or organization members. Show off your hot new designs and apparel. Include links for them to place orders from you.


Your Customers
Place Orders

Orders are processed into your platform and to us. No need for you to worry about doing anything. We will process the orders from beginning to end. We handle all of the customer service too.

Prints, Packs & Ships

Orders come in…orders go out. We custom print each order… we embroider each order…or we process your fulfillment items…whatever the job calls for. Each order is packed and shipped to your customer. We handle returns when problems come up.

Sends You The Money

The most important part…Show Me The Money! At the beginning of each month we will send you all the profits (amount you marked your items up) earned from the previous month.